Holo Earth

Intervention design project

A digital speculative design project that focuses on showing people the environmental impact of their daily grocery shopping choices in a world where the earth is an entity itself and has influence on our society.

Climate change has effect on our (mental) health and of course our planet and its ecosystems. Millennials seem to want to make better environmental choices but don’t seem to have to knowledge about it they wish they had and the threat isn’t personal, imminent and abrupt enough to completely understand.

Holo Earth uses the fact that millennial are often early adopters of gadgets and have a fear of missing out. By pouring knowledge and insight into a gadget, Holo Earth helps millennials take steps towards a better earth. Besides that, Holo Earth also takes into account that millennials put prices before earth wellbeing. By making millennials aware of the severity of climate change there will be a growing intention to do something about it. Eventually this will change their behavior.

Holo Earth is a function on the smartphone of the future. The function displays a hologram when the smartphone is laid down. This hologram shows a piece of earth with flora and fauna. With the help of biotechnology it is able to show the real time well-being of the earth. Earth is not doing so great? Prices for products with a big ecological footprint go up! Earth is doing great? Prices normalize! By managing water shortages, greenhouse gasses, fishing and land use you can help our planet restore itself. How to do this? Use the sliders to see the impact on your Holo Earth and your grocery list!