043 Heritage

Installation, exposition

The Centre Ceramique in Maastricht has a huge archived collection of cultural heritage. Unfortunately only few people know this. But to spread awareness of the archived collection Centre Ceramique reached to us for a solution. One of the design implications was that it should also be an installation or something multimedial. It was clear that the Centre Ceramique was mainly focused on attracting students, so we choose them as our target audience.

We explored different concept for a solution. Eventually we decided to go for something students are already familiar with. We wanted to take the clubbing scene to a new level, so I made a 3D sketch to give our client an impression of our idea. This idea evolved into a live VJ set and an interactive logo of the Centre Ceramique. On Museumnacht 2018 it was time for us to show what we made, a VJ set and interactive logo of the Centre Ceramique. The VJ set existed of treasures that were hidden away in the archived collection and visual loops of new VJ sets. This combination made people, also students, stand still and look at the sets.

The combination with the interactive sketch was a big hit. Younger and older people liked to hit the buttons to change the logo of Centre Ceramique. We are still working on this project and thinking of ways how we can extend Heritage 043.

The VJ set was made in Resolume Avenue 6 by Roel Sanders and the interactive sketch was made by me and Jesper van Laar. For the concepting fase we all worked together.