Wayfinding gadget

The E-buddy was made as an assignment for the Maastricht UMC+, to improve the patient journey. Our target audience were elderly of the age 65+. We did a lot of desk research, visited the target audience and gave them input. Eventually we made a compass that gives haptic feedback when the user interacts with it. It has a map function with all the important information for the appointment of the user.

The compass is ready to take at the entrances of the hospital. There are also registration columns so you can give the E-buddy the information it needs for your visit. The E-buddy then guides you from the entrance to the place of your appointment. After the appointment the E-buddy show the way to the exit.

The 3D model and the design, the interface of the e-buddy and the prototype of the e-buddy in Axure were made by me. All three of us worked on the concept together and we all made various prototypes.