Power watch

Exercise gadget

Power Watch is a project that was made to get people to exercise more. The Power Watch ecosystem exists of mobile app and a sportbracelet. The target audience were people who are already exercising in the gym, but not enough according to the Dutch guidelines for healthy exercising.

The watch exists out of a display with magnets on the ends and a rubber band with also magnets on the ends. The idea is that the user can change the rubber band to match with their mood or outfit. The rubber band is available in different size so it could also fit around the ancle.

The mobile app is aimed at keeping track of your fitness schedule and results. There is also a social platform so you can share your results with friends. An important function of the app is the buddy system. The buddy greets you and guides you on your fitness journey. This is also visible on the watch, where it coaches you on improving your shape during exercises and gives you compliments.

The watch is not only a buddy but also a movementtracker, heart monitor, alarm and stopwatch. It also keeps track of your sleeping cycle and show you results on calories, steps and hours of sleep.